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What Went Right Today? started out as a song. Joan was away from home when she turned on the television in the hotel to listen to the weather report. She heard the announcer say, "And now for what went wrong today." Thinking of the children she worked with, she thought, "can't we think about what went right today?" In a flash the tune and words for three song verses came together. Back in New Jersey, Joan's friend Lindy heard Joan singing "What Went Right Today?" at Little Fiddler Academy, a preschool Joan had founded. Lindy knew the song was perfect for a children's book. Together, Lindy and Joan wrote twenty verses and selected the nine scenarios and questions that appear in the book today. Joan, Lindy and Kathy Nadjavestky, a Little Fiddler Academy teacher, went to the recording studio and recorded the CD of the song. Now all they needed was an illustrator. They didn't have to look far. Jim and Rose Sullivan's children attended Little Fiddler. Not knowing what Joan and Lindy were up to, Rose came to school and announced that Jim was leaving the publishing industry to return to being a full- time illustrator. Was this a sign? Joan showed Jim the manuscript. Jim came back a few days later with a sketch of the shoes. There was no doubt this book was meant to be. What Went Right Today?, the book, was born. But it doesn't stop there. What Went Right Today? went on to receive the Benjamin Franklin Award as the "Best Children's Audio Book" and then the "Teachers' Choice Award for the Family" from Learning Magazine. And there is more...From the young child to the teenager, parent to grandparent, schools, community and religious organizations have joined us in asking the What Went Right Today? questions for changing ordinary conversations into positive thoughts and relationships that last a lifetime. Everything we offer in our store is carefully designed to create engaging and memorable conversations. I wish you many wonderful moments discovering
What Went Right Today? Joan Joan Buzick Author / Composer




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